Industrial IT (OT)

Present day Operational Technology (OT) has massive overlap with traditional IT technologies. The difference lies in the application. 24/7 operation is a given, but so is 15 year lifecycles as opposed to IT’s 5 year warranty cycle. Cybersecurity must always be considered, and we have assisted with implementing cyber security management systems for various clients.

InfoSCADA has a wealth of experience in integrating SQL databases in industrial environments. As well as this Glen is qualified in MS BizTalk and so the combination of the two lead to enterprise class integration solutions, filling in the MES layer. We have developed many XML, SQL and .NET based solutions in this space, from custom Productions Schedules, JDE Integration, Delay Accounting and even a custom WCF-EtherNet/IP Windows Service for ControlLogix.

Most recently we have been developing applications based on Node.js and MQTT for PLC messaging to mobile devices. We are also an integration partner/distributor for Elecsys Corporation who manufacture MQTT edge devices for use as industrial gateways. Further to this we have experience integrating LPR/ANPR (License Plate Recognition) solutions in industrial environments (truck inloading/despatch systems)

  • Internet of Things connectivity (MQTT, LPR integration)
  • Reporting solutions
  • ERP integration
  • Industrial cybersecurity
  • Industrial data centres and networking

Our Partners

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